The Product


The revolutionary worldwide patented Airopack® technology offers a safe, all-plastic pressurized dispenser that is environmentally friendly: no inhalation risks, no chemical propellants and no unnecessary waste.



The pressure control device (PCD) is an ingenious, high-precision pressure regulator. Airopack® simply combines this unique system with an air-pressure reservoir for a constant and controlled flow while dispensing. Airopack® is developed to work with a wide range of different product formulation characteristics, whilst providing a continuous dispensing pressure from start to finish with zero strokes to prime and 360 degrees dispensing possibilities.


Facts & figures

With a range of applicator nozzles and different pack volumes available, there is an Airopack® for every brand and application. The PCD ensures optimal product dispensing, no matter what size of package or type of applicator you choose. Airopack® is manufactured to strict quality guidelines in state of the art manufacturing facilities.

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Formulation & Filling

Highly experienced laboratory for custom formulations

Airopack® offers a wide range of standard product formulations. Our highly experienced laboratory may also partner with your R&D team to develop custom formulations that can be filled in our world-class production facilities.


Translucent, fully sleeved

With Airopack®, there is the possibility for a transparent package that really shows-off your product on shelf. Airopack® also offers decoration options such as printing, labelling and shrink-sleeve to fit your brand identity and optimize shelf differentiation.

Distribution/Point of sale

Delivered to a store near you

Our full-service operation provides you with a complete ready to sell product for fast market introduction. Airopack®, enhancing the world's most admired brands.